Christmas Drive

In the spirit of Christmas and giving back to the community, RSFZ indentified 10 families in the community who where in needed help. The organisation gave out food hampers, so that they could also enjoy the festive season. We also identified serious issues that we would later address in that community.

In Whitecliff a number of alarming issues where discovered and RSFZ sort to address them, families didn’t have proper health care, shortage in blankets yet this was in the rainy sesaon, also poor housing and tolitry sanitation. Finding out that some people in our community where leaving in such conditions, brought to birth to campaigns such as the Blanket DriveMy Home your Home and the Health Awareness Clinic. These campiagns where in response to the problems we identified in the community and they where carried out with success. RSFZ has made such a positive impact in this commuinty and it has been a motivation to its members and the commuinity.